The Artists of Shanghai Jazz...

John Huie: (Producer/Arranger/Guitar)
Australian-born, Huie studied at the Australian Conservatorium of Music. He wrote and performed in the acoustic quartet ‘The Posh’ with whom he toured for Musica Viva Australia from 1983-87. Huie lived in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, where he created sound for film and advertising works including two Golden Harvest soundtracks. Huie’s 1997 tribute CD “The Honorable Retreat” chronicled the Hong Kong handover, and won commendations from Prince Charles. He now makes his home in Shanghai.

Coco Zhao Ke: Vocalist

Zhao is a native of Hunan province who began studying the piano and oboe from the age of 10. He discovered Jazz at 17 and released his first album, entitled “Heart Strings” in Korea just 2 years later. Moving to Shanghai, he studied at The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, leaving in his last year to sing full-time. Coco can now be seen performing nightly at Pu-J’s in Shanghai’s Grand Hyatt and after-hours at JZ Club.

Carrie Zhang Le: Vocalist

25 year old Zhang Le began singing as a hobby in 1994, but by 1998 had been honored with a nationwide Casio singing award and began to record Television and Film projects under the New Star Recording Company. In the year 2000, Carrie was introduced to jazz by ‘Shanghai Jazz’ violinist Pang Fei and now performs nightly at the Shanghai Hilton. She will enter the New England Conservatory of Music this Fall.

Ginger Zheng Zhi Xiao: Vocalist

Originally from Guangdong Province Ginger Zheng was working in a marketing job before coming to Shanghai to sing jazz. The 26 year old soon found a following with her smoky voice and passion-filled delivery. She can be seen performing regularly at the Cotton Club.

Rebeccca Tu: Vocalist

28 year old Rebecca Tu was born in Shanghai but grew up in Hong Kong and Johannesberg. She began studying the Piano at age 3 and added classical voice training in Middle School. While performing with the PACT opera company, she earned a B.A. in Music from the University of Victoria, South Africa. Miss Tu studied Jazz singing at Boston’s Longy School of Music before returning to Shanghai in 2002 to join the burgeoning jazz scene. She has performed in events such as the Hong Kong Young Arts festival and alongside Whitney Houston at the 2000 Cancer Fund Charity Performance, and can now be heard nightly at the JW Marriott Lounge in Shanghai

Huang JianYi: Piano

Shanghainese Huang Jianyi began playing classical piano from age 7 subsequently receiving a degree from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as well as several national music awards. He became interested in Jazz music while teaching at the Conservatory after graduation and has taught and performed for Television and concert including a gig in 2003 with Nils Lundgren. Currently studying at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, 30 year old Huang intends to form a school for aspiring Jazz musicians upon his return to Shanghai.

Feng Yu Cheng: Trumpet

A Sichuan native, 26 year old Feng began playing classical trumpet at age 11. He started playing jazz after moving to Shanghai, where he attended The Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Feng plays in Shanghai at JZ Club, CJW, and Cotton Club, and is currently working on a new original jazz recording project.

Fu Hua: Trumpet

Born in Taiwan, Fu Hua grew up in Seattle and began piano studies at the tender age of 3. Fu’s switch to trumpet at age 14 and subsequent pursuit of jazz were inspired by the freedom offered by each. After a stint performing in Japan, Fu joined family members in Shanghai, and co-founded JZ Club with band mate Ren Yu Qing. He can also be spotted playing at Pu-J’s, Cotton Club and private gigs. Fu is 27.

Pang Fei: Violin

Born near Beijing, Pang Fei began musical studies at age 5, and arrived at the Shanghai Music Conservatory in 1996. Now 25 years old, he recalls the days when old Hollywood movies and a 3-hour radio show once per week were the only Western musical influences in China. At 15, he was exposed to what he calls “sort of some kind of Jazz,” and it was enough to catch his interest. Besides composing music for Television and Movie projects in Shanghai, Pang Fei can be heard at Cotton Club, JZ Club and occasionally at the Portman-Ritz Carlton.

Ren Yu Qing: Double Bass

Ren, age 29, is an accomplished bass player originally from Beijing, who started playing Rock and Roll at age 15. His credentials include serving in the rhythm section for Cui Jian, China’s reigning father of Rock, and performing on Cui’s 1998 album “Wu Neng de Li Liang”. When he was invited to play jazz with a project of (band’s name) compatriate Liu Yan, Ren made the switch. He has toured in Europe and Asia with projects such as “Blue Tea,” a fusion band founded in Lyon, France, and is co-owner and resident bassist of JZ Club.

Bill Pan: Drums

Shanghai native son Bill Pan first studied classical drums and piano in high school, and added Rock and Jazz drumming techniques to his repertoire at University. This is his second major CD project. 30 year-old Pan provides the beats on every track of Shanghai Jazz, as well as at Cotton Club, The Portman-Ritz Carlton Jazz band, Blues & Jazz club, and JZ Club in Shanghai.

Li Peng: Trombone

Li Peng studied music at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music. It was only in his final year of studies that he discovered Jazz music, but embraced the music, and later went on to teach the Jazz Appreciation Class at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music He is currently studying and performing in Canada.

Zhang Xiaolu: Tenor Saxophone

28 year old Zhang is a Shanghai native who first played clarinet at age 8. In High School he picked up the Saxophone and taught himself to improvise, learning jazz from a few albums purchased by his Father. A truly musical family, two of Zhang’s uncles were sax players and his grandfather played the instrument in the nightclubs of Old Shanghai.

Hu Jun: Clarinet

Clarinet player Hu Jun, 23, hails from neighboring Wuhan, where he began to play the Clarinet at age Nine. Five years ago he came to Shanghai to study classical clarinet at the Conservatory, where eventually he discovered jazz music through friends. Now a graduate, Hu Jun teaches music and performs in Shanghai.

Zhang Yan: Pi Pa

Born in Shanghai, 21 year old Zhang Yan began study of the Pi Pa at age 7, on the encouragement of his grandmother. Entering the Conservatory Middle School at age 14, Zhang has performed in solo and orchestra works such as the Shanghai International Arts festival in 2003. He is currently completing a degree at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Xiang Wai: Er Hu

25 year old Shanghainese Xiang Wai began playing the ErHu at 4 years old. Also a very accomplished piano player, he appeared on Phil Morrison’s 2000 CD ‘China Sky’ and can be found performing one of his instruments nightly at PU-J’s at the Grand Hyatt, or at JZ Club
BIOS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME: Peggy Pei Ji Ying (Backing Vocals), Zhao Yi (Wu Jung), Leon Xie Yan